BST eltromat at Tire Technology Expo


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A Smart Approach to Quality Assurance for Tire Manufacturing

For BST eltromat International, the focus of this year's Tire Technology Expo (March 5-7, 2019, in Hanover, Germany) is on the modularly structured visualization and operating platform called PROSolutions. PROSolutions links BST eltromat's intelligent solutions for quality assurance in tire manufacturing with a user interface and offers the highest level of operating convenience. The company will present new and enhanced function modules for PROSolutions in Hanover. Furthermore, at its booth (7072) BST eltromat will demonstrate the flexibility and power of the high-end line scan camera CCD CAM 100 for innovative tasks in such areas as thickness, width, length, and angle measurement.

Thanks to the modular structure, PROSolutions can be configured flexibly in accordance with the modular principle for various tasks within quality assurance for tire manufacturing. The innovative platform integrates and visualizes any number of regulation and measuring stations in calenders, extruders, cutting units, pre-assembling, tire building machines and more, via a uniform user interface.Via this interface, the machine operators have an overview of the whole quality assurance system and can manage it. Using the touch monitor from PROSolutions, operators can switch quickly and easily between different applications, can access information about quality assurance conveniently, parameterize the sensors, or carry out such tasks as making camera settings. In short, PROSolutions offers machine operators the highest level of operating convenience and maximum production security. The platform can be implemented on new machines and can also be retrofitted. It is also open to integration of solutions from other manufacturers as well.

"The demands of the tire industry concerning the quality of its products and the stability of its processes are increasing all the time. Given this background, we have continuously expanded the functional scope of our visualization and operating platform over the years in close cooperation with customers. We will continue to do so, and apply innovative solutions to cover the latest quality assurance tasks in tire manufacturing proactively," promises Klaus Hamacher, Head of Automation at BST eltromat. The new and enhanced function modules for PROSolutions to be presented in Hanover are just a few examples of this. These include function modules for the reliable detection of holes in webs and for the most precise measurements on the X, Y, and Z axes, i.e. for length, width, and thickness measurements, among others. Another new addition is a function module for the EPI (ends per inch) check, which, in calenders for example, counts the number of strands and makes sure that they are uniform and evenly distributed. In total, PROSolutions includes more than 20 function modules.

"PROSolutions represents the collection of know-how that BST eltromat has obtained in four decades of web-processing quality assurance in various industries. This allows the tire industry to profit from the experiences of other sectors," explains Hamacher. This is a decisive advantage offered to customers by the innovative visualization and operating platform.

BST eltromat will make that clear in Hanover using two demo units with sample configurations. The focus is an installation that shows the interaction between several PROSolutions function modules with four CCD CAM 100 cameras. With a flat screen, various webs and the latest quality assurance tasks in thickness, width, length, and angle measurement can be simulated. One more example of an application is the all-over hole detection on webs. The multifunctional digital high-end sensor CCD CAM 100 developed by BST eltromat supports a wide range of different applications with a physical resolution of 3 x 10,000 pixels, outstanding speed of up to 10 kHz, and extremely simple operation and setup.

The breadth of the sensor offering is a pillar of the market success of BST eltromat's quality assurance system. In Hanover, the company will also provide information about sensors for layer thickness and basis weight measurements produced by its business unit BST ProControl. These sensors are also used throughout the tire industry.

An additional topic is the laser positioning systems made by the laser specialist LAP GmbH Laser Applikationen, with which BST eltromat has worked in partnership for many years. The lasers from LAP are integrated in tire building machines, where projected laser lines are used to attain precise alignment of the individual rubber layers. At Tire Technology Expo 2019, BST eltromat will present the LASERMarker 1000, which, thanks to a fixed central laser, can make use of one or two moveable line lasers. This laser positioning system can be used just as flexibly.

With its tried-and-tested practical expertise as a system integrator and automation partner, as well as the global presence of its sales, production, and service network - which includes its own companies and partners in more than ten countries - BST eltromat is an ideal partner for the global tire industry. That is something else that the company will highlight at this year's meeting of the tire industry in Hanover.