Milestones | BST eltromat Istanbul
02.2017BSTe Istanbul hiring new service engineer Mr Sevdin Basaran:
12.2016BSTe Istanbul exhibiting by Print & Pack Fair in Iran (Teheran)
05.2016BSTe Istanbul sponsoring ESD Conference (Turkish Label Association)
11.2015BSTe Istanbul hiring new service engineer Mr Mustafa Korulu
03.2015BSTe Istanbul hiring new sales engineer Mr Ridavn Gunay
11.2014BSTe Istanbul change company name to BST eltromat Istanbul Ltd
11.2014BSTe Istanbul move to new office location (Istanbul)
09.2014BST Istanbul announcing unique marketing BST & eltromat in Turkey
2014eltromat terminate agency contract with Teknosmart (Istanbul)
09.2014BST Istanbul exhibiting by Eurasia Packaging as BST & eltromat
2014BST International merged eltromat, creating BST eltromat International
10.2013BST Istanbul hiring new office assistant Mrs Zuhal Saraçoğlu
05.2013BST Istanbul exhibiting in Printek Istanbul together with Prati
18.01.2013BST Istanbul sponsoring Label Summit in Istanbul
20.09.2012BST Istanbul exhibiting in Eurasia Pack Istanbul
01.03.2012Service engineer employment in BST Istanbul Ltd
01.03.2012Mr Ozgur Cetinkaya employment in BST Istanbul Ltd
01.02.2012Contract BST Istanbul – accounting partner ISMMM0 
11.01.2012BST Istanbul Ltd company foundation
01.12.2011BST Italia’s Turkish Liaison Office opening facility (Istanbul)
05.08.2011BST Italia’s Turkish Liaison Office foundation (Istanbul)
31.12.2011BST terminates agency contract with Ultra Inc. (Ankara)
2008First 100% Print Inspection system sold to Intermat
1995eltromat starts the business in Turkey via agent Teknosmart (Istanbul)
1995BST starts the business in Turkey via agent Ultra Inc. (Ankara)